Broken Planet Fashion

Who Owns Broken Planet Clothing?

Who Owns Broken Planet Clothing

Who Owns Broken Planet Clothing?

Numerous apparel firms have established themselves in an industry where trends are ever-changing. Broken Planet Apparel is no different. This blog article will go into the fascinating world of Broken Planet Clothing, Also Know Who Owns Broken Planet Clothing? And examining the company’s history, current ownership, and distinctive qualities that set it apart from the competition. Let’s approach this fashion adventure with humor and in-depth analysis.

A Brief Introduction to Broken Planet

Let’s take a moment to learn more about Broken Planet Clothing before we get right to the point. This avant-garde fashion business was founded in 2010 and has since gained international acclaim for its unusual approach to apparel and unique designs. Their reputation has been established by combining streetwear, sustainability, and a hint of revolt.

The Creative Minds behind the Brand

Visionary creators lead broken Planet Clothing, as with many great fashion brands. Two vibrant individuals, Lukas zvikas and Indre Narbutaite, developed the brand. They set out on this unusual adventure with a common love of fashion, an insatiable creative hunger, and a dash of humor.

Lukas Zvikas: The Maverick Designer

In the fashion world, co-founder and chief designer Lukas Zvikas is a trailblazer. Lukas is renowned for his ability to push limits and question the established quo. His designs combine elegance and anarchy. His creation method is similar to that of a mad scientist combining ingredients in a lab that others would never think to mix. Lukas designs are about rebellion, from asymmetrical silhouettes to acid-washed denim.

Indre Narbutaite: The Sustainable Visionary

The other half of this dynamic pair, Indre Narbutaite, is the creative force behind Broken Planet Clothing sustainability. Indre has spearheaded the brand’s initiatives to integrate eco-friendly processes and sustainable materials into the garment production process since she has a strong enthusiasm for the environment and a creative mind. She feels that the environment shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of fashion.

Broken Planet Rise to Stardom

Although the road to fame for Broken Planet Clothing was not without its challenges, it was undoubtedly an enjoyable one. Let’s examine the turning points that brought this brand to its current state with a dash of humor.

The ‘Unfashion’ Revolution

When Broken Planet Clothing started, the fashion industry saw it as the underdog. Their unconventional designs, such as the much-maligned “Inside-Out Jeans,” were viewed suspiciously. But the brand’s U.S.P. comes from its refusal to follow conventional fashion rules. The world began to notice them as the self-declared leaders of the “unfashion” revolution.

Celebrity Endorsements about Broken Planet

Celebrities from all walks of life began donning Broken Planet Clothing as the brand gained popularity. Everyone was drawn to the nonconformist designs of the brand, including politicians, actors, and singers—the brand shot to fame due to this celebrity hype.

Broken Planet Clothing Runway Success

The runway displays for Broken Planet Clothing are different from your usual fashion events. They resemble humored performance art more than anything else. The brand’s runway shows have gained notoriety because of its unforgettable antics and unusual themes. The fashion world highly anticipates their shows.

Sustainable Practices

A different kind of praise was given to Broken Planet Clothing due to Indre Narbutaite dedication to sustainability. Environmentalists and ethical shoppers have praised them for using eco-friendly textiles, recycling programs, and carbon footprint reduction efforts.

The Iconic Collections of Broken Planet

The fashion scene has been profoundly impacted by the classic collections that Broken Planet Clothing has produced. Here are some noteworthy collections that are worth examining further:


This collection combined futuristic elements with nostalgic aesthetics to create a voyage back to the future. It has a lot of neon, holographic designs and metallic textiles. With a funny twist, the collection offered a tribute to the past and a vision of the future.


The “Eco-Chic” line by Broken Planet Clothing was unveiled as the sustainability movement gathered steam. Clothing composed of organic textiles and repurposed materials realized Indre Narbutaite’s vision. The collection demonstrated that clothing may be fashionable and eco-friendly at the same time.

Rebel Couture

The brand daringly attempted to revolutionize high fashion with “Rebel Couture.” It included unconventional clothing, such as asymmetrical ball gowns and denim evening wear. This collection was a light-hearted ode to classic couture such as Astral Energy Hoodie.

 Broken Planet: The Art of Marketing

In addition to having distinctive designs, Broken Planet Clothing has clever marketing techniques. To reach their audience, they have effectively used influencers, social media, and eye-catching advertising campaigns.

Memorable Ads

The advertisements for Broken Planet Clothing frequently confuse and delight viewers. The advertisements feature artistic content, ranging from cats dressed in tutus to models performing in zero gravity. They think that experiencing fashion is just as important as seeing it.

Social Media Takeover

Through their clever and light-hearted use of social media, Broken Planet Clothing has developed a devoted online fan base. They mix humor, satire, and fashion in their TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter pages. The brand knows how critical it is to establish a personal connection with its audience.

Influencer Collaborations

The brand has worked with various influencers, including campaigners and avant-garde performance artists. Their reach has increased due to these partnerships, and their dedication to diversity and inclusion has been reinforced.

The Future of Broken Planet Clothing

The future appears bright for Broken Planet Clothing as it pushes the boundaries of fashion and keeps evolving. The upcoming debut of their first sustainable couture line like Broken Planet Brighter Days Are Ahead Hoodie is evidence of their dedication to merging environmental responsibility with style.

The Brand’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability continues to be key to the brand’s philosophy. They lead by example in the industry by continuously investigating and incorporating cutting-edge environmentally friendly processes into their operations.

Expanding Their Horizons

Broken Planet Clothing intends to increase its global footprint in the upcoming years. To produce more enduring collections, they are considering partnering with well-known artists and designers. Visit Official website:


Broken Planet Clothing is a movement rather than merely a brand in the fashion world. It has made a name for itself with its rebellious attitude, dedication to sustainability, and light-hearted approach to design. Lukas Zvikas and Indre Narbutaite, the brand’s proprietors, never cease to amaze with their visionary leadership. We can’t help but wonder what revolutionary product they’ll surprise us with next as they advance, defying traditions.


Where can I purchase Broken Planet Clothing?

Broken Planet Clothing is available on their website and at upscale fashion retailers worldwide. Their limited-edition collections are something to look out for because they usually sell out fast.

Are Broken Planet Clothing’s designs suitable for everyday wear, or are they more avant-garde?

Broken Planet Clothing has a variety of styles, ranging from avant-garde pieces to daily casual attire. You can find anything in their collections that fits your style because they cater to a wide range of customers.

 What is the inspiration behind Broken Planet Clothing’s unconventional designs?

The concept of questioning conventions and valuing uniqueness motivates the brand. Their designs, which frequently have a hint of defiance and fun, are an expression of this ideology.

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